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~Themed Decor Packages~
One Decor Package is included in every Events With A Twist event!

Funky 80's Flashback

Slip into your leotard and dust off your leg warmers, this retro party theme is transporting us back in time!

Guests arrive to find a

giant, lighted "80s" Marquee.

Inside the venue, a

colorful brick wall backdrop

is flanked by

LED Tower Lights

and a giant Rubik's Cube!

80's Backdrop.jpg

Gothic Masquerade

An archway with black drapery

and red roses greet guests

as they arrive at your party.

As they enter, they see a photo area

complete with a

black and red curtain backdrop

flanked by gold, floor candelabras.

Flickering candles and

large red rose blooms

complete aesthetic.


Girly Glitz & Glam

This sparkly, dainty theme is all about

the ivory, gold and rose gold!

Your entryway will be decorated

by an archway draped in

blush curtains and white rose garlands.

Inside, guests can post for picture in front of our shimmering rose gold curtain backdrop.

Gold candelabras adorn the photo area

with flickering candles to set the mood.

Girly Glitz & Glam Backdrop.jpeg

Adventure Awaits

This theme is all about the

joys of travel!

Guests arrive to find stanchions

forming a queue

for their adventure.

Inside the party, a

geographic travel backdrop awaits,

adorned by a 5 piece luggage set

and a hot air balloon!

Adventure Awaits.jpg

Pajama Party

Footie pajamas, anyone?

Guests will arrive to your party

to find a celestial archway

leading the way inside.

Inside, a cloudy backdrop

awaits guests with 

fluffy pillows and fuzzy blankets

scattered about

for the perfect pajama party!

Pajama Party Backdrop.jpg
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