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DIY Gnome Bottle Holiday Decor

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Supplies Needed

Acrylic Paint: Pink, Cream, & White

Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Cup of Water

1 Empty, Clean Bottle

1 Small, Round Base. (I used raw wood rounds)

Fabric Scraps (I purchased this pack of 5 from Walmart)

Four 1-inch Black Pom-Poms

White Fur Trim


Paint Brushes

1 Natural Wood Split Ball

White Ribbon

Rock Salt (Optional)

White, Irridescent Glitter (Optional)

Merry Christmas Toothpicks. (Optional)


  1. Empty a drink bottle. Clean it out and remove the label to the best of your ability.

Note: Bottle should be a 16 oz hard plastic or glass bottle, not a flimsy plastic.

2. Add a drop of pink to your cream paint and mix it to get a pinkish flesh tone. Paint the split wood ball.

3. Paint your base white. If you're using a raw-edge wood round, do not paint the edges.

4. Trim your fabric and white fur trim so that they each fit around the width of the bottle.

-For my robe, I cut a piece of fabric about 9" x 6.5".

-For my hat, I cut a piece of fabric about 9" x 5"

-For my arms, I cut a piece of fabric 9" x 3"

5. Hot glue the cap onto the bottle to secure it.

6: Place your bottle on the "robe" like this, so that the bottom of the fabric lines up with the bottom of the bottle. Put a line of glue along the edge of the fabric and roll the bottle to the edge to secure the fabric.

7. Wrap the fabric around the bottle, gluing along the other edge to secure the fabric.

8. Glue around the top of the fabric to secure it tightly around the neck of the bottle.

9. Glue your white fur trim onto the bottle. I like to do mine on either side of the seam so that the "beard" hides it. Glue your fur trim starting at the top of the fabric and working your way down.

10. Hot glue the natural wood split ball to the top/center of the beard where the Gnome's "nose"will go.

11. Prepare the "hat" (the medium piece of fabric) by gluing the white ribbon to the bottom edge.

12. Once you've prepared your hat with the ribbon, put a small line of hot glue across the middle of your gnome's nose.

13. Find the bottom/middle of your hat and adhere it to the gnome's nose.

14. Glue along the bottom edge of the hat, and wrap it around the bottle.

15. Glue along the edge of the hat on the other side, and secure it around the bottle.

16. Now that your hat is glued on, cut a piece of ribbon long enough to tie off the top of the hat.

17. Tie the ribbon around your hat just above the top of the bottle. Make a bow and then cut any excess ribbon.

18. Glue the bottom of your bottle to the base. You can center the bottle if you like, but I prefer to offset it so that the bottle touches the backside of the round.

19. Next, it's time to make the arms. Glue a pom pom to each end of the "arms" fabric piece.

20. Roll the fabric around the pom poms, creating a tube of fabric, and glue the edge down.

21. Find the center of the arms and the center of the back of your gnome. Glue these two points together.

22. Add a little bit more glue to each arm and adhere to the bottle so that the hands are reaching out in the front.

23. When you are done with the arms, your gnome should look like this.

24. Glue two pom-poms to the base for feet.

24. (Optional) Glue a mixture of rock salt and iridescent glitter to the base to look like snow.

25. (Optional) I used "Merry Christmas" toothpicks as signs for my gnomes, but you could have them hold an ornament, a white pom-pom "snowball", a small strand of LED's from the Dollar Tree...the sky's the limit!


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