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Extrovert? Ambivert? Introvert? Don't worry, we've got you covered...

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When it comes to parties, are you always the one hosting?

Maybe you're the loyal friend that always attends and helps host?

Or, perhaps you're the timid wallflower type?

What I truly love about what I do is that there is no wrong answer.

Our party packages are designed to take into consideration different comfort levels while also remaining 100% engaging!

With this in mind, lets take a look at how we cater to extroverts, ambiverts & introverts alike!



Extroverts are, by definition, "outgoing, overly expressive people" who tend to be the life of every party!

For this reason, extroverted clients and guests alike usually enjoy our unique, engaging entertainment style. Our interactive events give extraverts the perfect opportunity to mix and mingle with all sorts of different personalities, which comes naturally to them, and they often leave an Events With A Twist Party having made a new friend (or five!)



The opposite of an extrovert is the beloved, often shy introvert. At events, they often find a comfortable spot from which to engage anyone who is gracious enough to approach them. It's not that they dislike silly, goofy fun - they're just a bit less likely to initiate it in a larger group.

Yet, time and again, I've seen thy shyest guests at an Events with a Twist party open up and let their freak flag fly!

From volunteering to compete as a moles in our Sabotage Mystery Party, to dancing on street corners in our Video Scavenger Hunt, or parading around in pajamas for a public Photoshoot Party - don't count the introverts out!



If extroverts and introverts were the purebreds of society, the ambivert would be the lovable mutt of the bunch! :-)

Ambiverts can be a perfect 50/50 combination of extroverts and introverts, or any combination in between! Most importantly, they can portray traits of both - or either - at any given time.

As an example, I identify as an ambivert. When I'm in charge, WATCH OUT! I turn into a little social butterfly, flitting about making sure to talk to everyone!

However, when in situations where I am less comfortable or less likely to know others, my introverted side comes out and yes - you will usually find me in the corner of the party playing with a puppy.

But that is why we are so passionate about what we do at Events with a Twist.

At an Events with a Twist party, no one is left out!

Because our entertainment packages are interactive and engaging, it motivates all guests to mix with one another - sometimes in the spirit of competition and other times with a common goal. These competitions and goals take the pressure off of guests to be "social" in the traditional sense and open up a whole new realm of possibilities!

Come have fun with us!

In other words, come have fun with us.

Be silly.


Be goofy.

Make memories.

Make friends.

And, most importantly - be uniquely you!

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