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Get a Theme & Run With It!

As an Event Entertainment Professional, OF COURSE I hope you hire me for all of your Event Entertainment needs! But, with that being said, perhaps I'm booked up for your party or maybe you live outside of Northeast Florida. How can YOU make your party truly memorable? The simplest answer? Pick a theme, and run with it!

Near the end of May, I invited some ladies over to play some games at my house.

It was an intimate event with a small budget, but it made a huge impact! As one of my guests said the day after "Had such a fun time and my head is sore from laughing so much!"

Initially, I invited ladies of different ages, so I decided to give the event a retro theme that would encompass the favorite eras of all guests. But ultimately, the guests who confirmed

were all children of the 90's, so I focused specifically on that decade.

Lunchables Charcuterie Tray

The menu consisted mostly of favorite foods from our youth, such as a charcuterie board comprised of Lunchables, Bagel Bites, and Mini Corndogs. My budget for this event was small, so I looked for cost-effective alternatives to stick to the "Retro" theme when it came to decor and mood. An inexpensive set of "I Love the 90's" CD style plates and napkins came in handy for serving, and the games we were set to play were also used as part of the decor upon arrival.

Another way I "Ran With It" was to provide my guests with cute, inexpensive goodie bags. These were filled with Gushers, Push Pops, and other fruity goodies and included a multi-color pen (which they used to fill out my Totally 90's Slam Book!)

If you have the budget to thoroughly decorate your entire home, then by all means - go for it!

But, in the event that you are working with a strict budget, the simplest way to decorate for a theme is to have an accent wall. This is an affordable way to get the "biggest bang for your buck" as they say. Instead of trickling decorations over a large space, this gives you a big, bold statement piece that guests simply can't miss. Furthermore, if you make sure to feature your accent wall somewhere where you have decent lighting, this as a backdrop for photos or your food table! My decor consisted of a table cover, trays and bowls, and games I already had, plus some simple pictures I printed from the internet - all of which cost me next to nothing.

Don't Forget The Entertainment!

And, as we always like to say at Events With A Twist - don't forget the entertainment!

You can TOTALLY carry your theme into your entertainment if you like: as an example, for our Retro game night, we started with a game of Trivial Pursuit 80's & 90's Edition to set the mood. And, don't worry if your budget is tight when it comes to entertainment. For example, we kept ourselves busy for hours with a couple of board and card games we already owned! But, if your game collection is not vast, look up party games on the internet or see what creative entertainment you can come up with on your own!

The important take-away from this article is that a good, fun theme that can be done right for minimal cost and effort is the absolute best way to leave guests with a lasting impression. Now, GET TO PLANNING!

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