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How can I "Twist" up my events?

I guess - to start - I should explain what the "Twist" means in "Events with a Twist".

The "Twist" to any event is simply something unexpected or new.

So, let's break a party down into its basic components to see how you can incorporate something with a Twist!

Sample guest list, with pen and notebook

Twist Up Your Guest List

The first way to twist up an event is to change up your guest list. Instead of inviting everyone you know out of obligation, carefully craft a guest list that invites unique conversations or epic belly laughs.

Or, if you simply feel there is simply no one you can take off your list, consider who you might add! A charity event may incorporate a guest speaker, a business teambuilding event might include senior officers, or a house party may just include a seldom-seen guest from out of town.

A sample menu on a white and gold place setting.

Twist Up Your Refreshments

There's nothing wrong with going easy and inexpensive; with that being said, it doesn't necessarily forbid you from being creative!

Instead of approaching your event menu from the angle of "How can I cheaply keep everyone from getting hangry?", try to look for opportunities to surprise guests and make them take notice.

Halloween is a great example of a menu to have fun with. Cut pastry dough into strips and wrap them around hot dogs to serve "Frankenweinies". Marinate naked chicken wings in teriyaki sauce and serve at "Bat Wings". The list of creative menu choices you can find online are simply endless!

Perhaps you don't have a theme for your party. That doesn't prevent you from twisting things up. For an adult party, craft a "signature cocktail" (or a signature "juice cocktail" for a kids party.) Or if you're on a budget, perhaps find one item you can splurge on to stand out from the rest.

For those with a greater budget, don't just think of what you are serving, but think of how you serve it. Food and drink presentation can go a long way towards truly wowing your guests.

Office meeting room decorated for Cinco De Mayo

Twist Up Your Decorations

What?! There's more?!

Not always but, then again, it's entirely up to what kind of event you want to host. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a gathering of family and friends over food and drink, nor is there anything wrong with throwing in a little music and dancing. But, if you're looking to shake things up a bit, then consider your decorations and know that it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

An old boss once asked me if I could come up with some decorations for a Cinco De Mayo party at work for approximately 80 people with only a $25 budget.

I said I'd do my best and wandered off to the Dollar Tree to get as much bang for my buck as possible. I did a ceiling treatment (the one you see above), which cost me $7. I bought $8 worth of acrylic paint, green pipe cleaners, and bold-colored tissue paper, and the remaining $10 went towards crepe paper, balloons, plastic images, and bold-colored nacho trays.

I then spent the next month collecting used Corona bottles from family and friends, painting them in bold colors, and creating multi-colored tissue paper flowers for centerpieces.

Painted Corona beer bottles with Cinco De Mayo tissue paper flowers.

Around the hall, I strung loose streamers, piled balloons in the corners, and cut a striped table cover in strips to create a runner for the table.

It doesn't take a ton of money or specialty, coordinated, party kits to twist up your party decor. With just a little budget and a lot of imagination - you'd be surprised what you can come up with!

Twist Up Your Entertainment

If you're really looking to mix up your routine, then this is where your entertainment comes into play.

It's funny, people seldom forget to hire entertainment for kids' parties. There are clowns and superheroes, balloon animals and real animals, musicians and magicians - the fun never ends!

But, there seems to be this disconnect with realizing that adults enjoy entertainment, too.

Again, you don't have to go expensive or elaborate just to impress your friends. Look for an inexpensive microphone or borrow one from a friend and you can easily host a karaoke party by looking up lyric videos. Look up social games for large groups, like Taboo or One Night Ulimate Werewolf. These kinds of games aren't very expensive (usually $25 or less) and can easily entertain a party. You can even come up with your own games based on game shows, like Hollywood Game Night or Minute To Win It.

And finally, if you don't have the time or interest to DIY, consider looking into hiring a professional event planner or event entertainer.

That's Where Events With A Twist Comes In!

Events with a Twist focuses on bringing your guests the unexpected in decor and entertainment. Curious to see how we can help? Contact us!

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