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Introducing "SABOTAGE" - The Party!

Updated: Jan 3

Events with a Twist is excited to present the newest addition to our service packages: "SABOTAGE" - The Party!

Inspired by the popular TV show "The Mole", our "SABOTAGE" - The Party! twists up the average 3-course dinner party with fun challenges and espionage!

Guests work with others at their table to complete a series of simple challenges throughout the different dinner courses.

The Catch?

One person at each table is an undercover agent, secretly trying to sabotage their table from earning points!


Upon arrival, guests work individually to mix and mingle until they can identify three specific people at the party. Clues given might include finding the guest who traveled the farthest, or the woman who's been married the longest. These questionnaires are submitted and the points tabulated while guests take their seats at their assigned table.

Once seated, guests will work with others at their table guests are challenged to work as a team, where they will get their second chance to try to identify the Saboteur in their midst.

Following the group challenge, the salad or appetizer portion of dinner is served before the next trial.

After the first course, each table must choose three suspects for a challenge. This gives the table an opportunity to scrutinize every move of the three most suspicious guests at their table.

Points are calculated during the main entree before the tables get their last chance to see the Saboteur in action. Guests are once again prompted to choose suspects - this time for a two-person challenge.

Throughout the night, the table is attempting to get the most points possible, while also attempting to deduce who is the Saboteur.

Meanwhile, the Saboteur is attempting to limit the table's points while remaining undetected.


In a small dinner party with only one table, guests are pitted directly against the Saboteur. If they can identify the Saboteur, the table wins but if not, the Saboteur is announced the victor.

In larger parties, there will be both a winning table and a winning Saboteur .

Victory goes to the table with the most points who is accurately able to identify the Mole. In the event that no Saboteurs are identified, then the table with the most points wins.

The Saboteur who remains undetected with the lowest point count is also announced the winning Mole for the event. In the event that all Saboteurs are identified, then the Saboteur with the lowest points wins.

This unique event concept is exclusive to Events With A Twist, so contact us today to book your "SABOTAGE" - The Party!


Hosts can choose to do this party for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and are given the opportunity to choose from pre-set challenges, or to personalize their own.


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