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Vendor Series:  Breathless Imagery (Photography by Vanessa Brazzale)

Fun.  Creativity.  Heart.

Those were the first three words that came to mind upon meeting Vanessa Brazzale.  With her warm smile and vibrantly colored hair, it was easy to quickly connect with her.

Vanessa began her career as a professional photographer 16 years ago, but was always hesitant to take the leap to being a full time photographer.  That is, until her husband spoke up, prompting her to have faith in herself.  “Without his push, I couldn’t have done it.  He’s my number one supporter and he helped me to see what I couldn’t see yet.”

It was that love and dedication that helped Vanessa and her husband start Breathless Imagery here in Jacksonville, Florida.  As we chatted, Vanessa daydreamed that her beautiful 3-year-old daughter Aurora may be able to join the team one day (if she is so inclined).  “I hope she has that passion or artistic outlet”, Vanessa wished.

The husband-and-wife duo offer officiant services, wedding photography, commercial photography, portraits, and videography; but it is their boudoir photography that Vanessa is most excited about. 

“I love my weddings - and there’s a special kind of crazy that comes along with anyone that works in the wedding industry - but boudoir is, was, and has always been my passion.  It’s one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had.”  She loves her boudoir clients and is happy to get to laugh and be silly and play together.

As a wife, mother and business owner, Vanessa knows that it can be hard to not only feel like your own person, but to feel GOOD as that person.  But, through her boudoir photography, she sees her clients transformed.  “They walk out feeling powerful.  They walk out feeling like a version of themselves that they haven’t seen in some time.”

When asked what she would like people to know about their business, Vanessa replied: “In a perfect world, I’d love everyone to know how much we really care…This has been my passion for years and years and years, and it means a lot to us – we put ourselves into our work. The business IS us.”

I personally believe in giving my business to good people; to people who go above and beyond to make the world a better place.  Not only does Vanessa strive to do that through her photography, but she also carries it into her charitable work.  For example, she’s generously offered a free boudoir shoot to one lucky raffle winner at our July 13th Ms. Independent Fundraiser, to benefit the Precious Hearts Foundation for victims of domestic violence.

With all said and done, it seems my first impression was accurate!  If you’re looking for a photographer who is fun, creative, and has a heart of gold, book your session with Breathless Imagery today!


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