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Behind the Scenes with Tina Bray Photography

It was a chilly Sunday in early January when I met up with Tina at her home-based photography studio. My appointment was at 11 am, but I was so excited for the photo shoot that I was up, showered, dressed, and made up by ten.

Tina sat me down and went over some basic pointers for the photo shoot, warning me that she prefers to "zoom manually" rather than zooming-in with her lens. This led to a lot of laughter as she "zoomed" around the space, scooting around on her little stool to get close-ups.

Tina was very conscientious, always checking to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed, but furthermore, she was SO motivational and encouraging! Tina continuously commented on how beautiful and photogenic I was and her excitement for the shoot was contagious. Sitting for her was effortless and so much fun!

I was not prepared for how I would feel when I saw the final photos. As a larger woman, I don't tend to favor pictures of myself, but of the 80 edited photos Tina provided me, I favorited half! More importantly, my friends and family say that Tina successfully captured my essence. I can't begin to explain how much of an ego boost this has been!

Now that I've experienced Tina's photography for myself, I am even MORE excited to be offering photo shoot parties with her!

An Events with A Twist Photo Shoot Party will include a themed backdrop, props, and two hours with the same phenomenal photographer from Tina Bray Photography!

So what are you waiting for? Packages start at $400 for 5 guests, so book your party today!


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